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Paku Haji, Riding Horse Tours

Where we will go during the school holidays? Perhaps  the question that is often imagined, if your children will enter school holidays. A lot of tourism options to indulge your children, but what suits tour, healthy and good for their age. If you're around Jakarta, Bandung and Cimahi, there is a healthy alternative tourism and educational. Healthy travel in Paku Haji may be an alternative tourist destination you and your family. Follow the review of health tourism in Paku Haji.
Paku Haji

Paku Haji was famous because of their  tourist attractions of his horse. Actually a lot of exciting rides, healthy and good for your children. Some exciting rides such as ATVs, Windmills, Outbound , Fauna area, and swimming pool. Holidays Horses, here you can enjoy a walk in the area of ​​Paku Haji with the cool mountain atmosphere and beautiful, distance himself from the pollution so that the body healthy, but it's healthy enough to travel here in your pocket, because it is quite cheap compared to the indoor theme park that warm again in Bandung today. With the entrance fee of Rp.2000, - you can already enjoy the  play ground area, Fauna Area. As for enjoying the other rides you wear rates vary but are still relatively cheap, the following list of ticket prices per January 1, 2012:
Price List
With Rp. 1000, - you can ride around the area during the two rounds of Paku Haji. Only with Rp. 1000, - well, you can spin in an area off-road four times using the ATV itself, will together explore off-road terrain together, here is also provided ATV Tour. You want the game more challenging, you can try hanging and glide with the Flying Fox.

For your children, to play with windmills, there you can see the sights of the city and surrounding Cimahi. You just simply spend you Rp.  5000, - is not healthy enough for your pocket? After sweating and playing fun, take your children enjoy the pool with the interesting game. Or it could also be invited to play and learn about animals living in Paku Haji fauna. Various types of horse best served here, and various species of birds, and animals are interesting here. 
In addition to the above places, Paku Haji is famous for its “Rice Liwet” that delicious taste and extraordinary good. In addition, Sundanesse culinary ready to be served to you with a relatively cheap price.

Paku Haji is located at Jalan Haji Gofur Km.4 Paku Haji Village, District Ngamprah, West Bandung regency. To reach the area, you can get through a lot of alternatives. The first alternative, from the toll booth Padalarang, turn right to take direction Cimahi, frame on the road you will see Jalan Haji Gofur.  The second alternative, you can get through the toll Baros and headed through the streets Colonel Masturi and then proceed to browse Paku Haji.

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