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Telecommunication Supports System

Telecommunications Tower
Developments of the world economy is currently growing very rapidly. One of them is supported by the development of telecommunications technology, which makes smooth communication, coordination goes well, the transfer of data quickly. So also in Indonesia, has half of its population using telecommunications services for both voice calls and data access. The number of telecom operators both GSM and CDMA provide options to customers to use the best service at affordable prices. 

In order to provide the best service and affordable pricestelecom operators establish standards of quality in service or achievement indicated by the value of KPI (Key Performance Indicators), in which each operator has its own value. For Example, the value of NetworkUptime about 99.97 - 99.99%, the value of call drop of about 0.7 - 1%, etc.

In addition to device reliability factor that is used by an operatorthere are several other determining factors that greatly impact area, which if not met will cause disturbed or even telecommunications services is not establishedSupporting factors, among others:

1. Power Supply

PLN as the sole provider of electric energy in Indonesia is still considered not yet provide the best servicealthough there has been an increase in service with the reduced level of power outages and power disturbancesMost uses of telecommunications equipment converted from AC (alternative current) supply to DC supply used rectifier and  using a battery as backupA little amount of PLN affects the availability of battery performanceThe more frequent power outages or electrical disturbances in the area, then the battery life will decreaseTelecommunications operators will inevitably have to pay for additional battery or installing generator sets.The problems that many face all operators in Indonesia is the power ratio problem than the problems caused by the telecommunication device itself.

2. Environmental Safety

System that has been designed with careful, sometimes still not safe to maintain network reliability. Example, when there was no electricity supply power supply should come from the battery backup, but the  battery was lost. Lately more and more prevalent in cases of theft and robbery on site. Assets are often stolen was grounding cablesgrounding busbar, arresters, power cable and battery. Operators of telecommunications service providers with the tower provider has made ​​various efforts to reduce the theft rate.
Law : Can't Enter without permission
3. Community Issues

Often found in Indonesia, we can not enter a site area due to the residents around the site refuse or hinder the technician or engineer in performing duties for maintenance and troubleshooting that can result in the unavailability of telecommunications services. The reason given is quite diverse and different in each region, but generally the issue of compensation to the existence of sites in the area. Providers must be able to solve the root of this problem with the government toget a win-win solution

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