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The Museum of POS Indonesia

Indonesia POSTAL Head Offices
POS Indonesia Museum was founded in 1931 with the name of the PTT Museum(POS Telephone Telegraph),  located on the road Cilaki No. 73 Bandung. At its inception, the museum presents only a collection of objects such as stamps, both domestically and abroad. To improve the function and role of museums as a means of education and entertainment for the younger generation, the renovations done to preserve the rich heritage of culture in service delivery in the Post. On September 27, 1983, PTT Museum was renamed the Museum of Post and Giro.

The changes are successfully changing the orientation of both services and development of collections of objects that are presented are not limited to stamps, but expanded by adding other objects of historic, among others, tools, visualization, dioramas postal service activities. On June 20, 1995, the museum was renamed the Museum of POS Indonesia.
Diorama of postal services
Objects of the museum's collection is divided into three groups, among others, the presentation of the history collection, philatelic collections and collection equipment. These objects are historical objects that are used in the postal service since the days of the Dutch East Indies
Postal Carrier Bicycle
To reach the location of the museum is not difficult because it is located in downtown Bandung, precisely in the way Cilaki 73. Where the Sate building is, there Indonesian postal museum is located. Museum opened to the public from Monday through Friday starting at 9 AM to 4 PM.

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